Custom-Made orthotics and foot care


At York-Med Physiotherapy, we offer custom-made orthotics that promote optimal functional balance in your joints helping conquer pain associated with the foot and other related disorders.
A custom-made orthotics is a corrective device designed to realign your foot/ankle’s proper positioning to control its motion. Orthotics may reduce stress on our foot, ankle, knee, hip, and lower back joints and keep them in a more comfortable position by keeping our joints, ligaments and muscles aligned. Orthotics also ensures optimal balance and flexibility while primarily improving ankle and foot range of motion.
Orthotics relieves stress and tension in our legs and lower back so you can enjoy your day-to-day activities with no pain. Whether you are a runner or athletic and want to get back to the game or want to walk with less pain at home or work, our custom-made orthotics can help you achieve your goals.
There are many benefits of wearing orthotics for our joints pain and associated disorders when it is needed. At York- Med physiotherapy, we recommended orthotics only if our diagnostic process deems it is necessary. In other words, not everybody needs to wear orthotics!

Why you should choose Our EVA Orthotic

  • We use a German-based innovative technology to make sure you get the best orthotics in the market
  • Full foot contact
  • Functional, shock-absorbing material
  • Precision crafted using digital modeling and CNC milling machines
  • Material used by multi-billion dollar running shoe and orthopedic footwear companies
  • Lightweight, comfortable and compliant orthotic
  • You will have a follow-up visit after 4-6 weeks free of charge to ensure you are satisfied or your orthotics need some modification.

At York-Med, we use a 3D laser scanner in non-weight bearing status. Most insurance companies ask for this method since it is a science-based approach and gives the best outcome compared to 2D or other old techniques like foam. Our experienced chiropodist or physiotherapists provide an in-depth biomechanical gait analysis by assessing your gait pattern and your feet biomechanics for the optimal result before your scanning your foot. As movement experts, we are able to evaluate any limitations throughout your body to ensure orthotics are appropriate for your optimal health. We demand high-quality products, so we work with high-end and reputable companies to make sure you regain your mobility and wellbeing with optimal comfort.

After a full and careful assessment, our therapists will recommend different orthotics based on these facts:

  • Nature of your injury and level of your activities
  • Reason and goal for using the orthotics
  • Functional design for optimal effect and a high level of wearable comfort
  • Breathable, skin-friendly knit to adapts your every movement, without irritation or slipping
  • Your budget
Some of the most common reasons we use orthotics are plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, severe arthritis or diabetes, bunions, knee and hip pain, Achilles tendonitis, recurrent ankle sprain, Shin Splints, etc.
Orthotics helps secure proper positioning for foot, ankle, and knee bones. They also ensure optimal balance and flexibility while primarily improving ankle range of motion which can help relieve stress and tension in our legs and lower back.
Most insurance covers custom-made orthotics since it is an evidence-based practice approach to help our daily functional movements. Check your extended health care benefits if you could be substituted for custom orthotics.
For more information, please consult with our chiropodist or physiotherapist.