What is the role of a Physiotherapist?

The role of the physiotherapist is to help people recover from injury, reduce pain and stiffness, increase mobility and prevent further injury. A physiotherapist is trained to make accurate physical diagnoses based on listening to your description of symptoms and performing a series of physical tests. Based on this assessment, a physiotherapist uses evidence-based treatment techniques to reduce your symptoms. 

Techniques may include Soft Tissue Release, joint Manual Therapy/ Mobilization, strapping with tape, education and exercises.

Do I need a doctor referral to see a physiotherapist?

No, you don’t need a doctor referral to see us and treated by our physiotherapists, although some insurance needs doctor referral to get costs reimbursed. If you have consulted with your family doctor regarding your condition and have a doctor referral, please remember to bring it with you. We will keep in touch with your doctor regarding your treatment and ongoing care.

Should I drive early for my first appointment?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment to check in with the receptionist/ patient coordinator. On your first visit, you will be greeted by one of our friendly receptionists and asked to fill out some information for the clinic use in your care.

What are your fees?

The fee schedule is as follows for the patients with extended health coverage (Insurance coverage) and private patients’ coverage.

Physiotherapy Services
Initial assessment including treatment
45 minute follow up treatment
Chiropractic Services
initial assessment
20-30 minutes follow up treatment
Massage therapy services
30 minutes massage therapy treatment
$65 + HST
45 minutes massage therapy treatment
$80 + HST
60 minutes massage therapy treatment
$95 + HST
90 minutes massage therapy treatment
$130 + HST
Motor Vehicle Accident
As per FSRA fee guidelines
Medical Forms
Chiropody Services
initial assessment
follow up treatment
Acupuncture Services
initial assessment
30-45 minutes follow up treatment

Is OHIP physiotherapy available?

York-Med physiotherapy does not provide physiotherapy covered by OHIP. OHIP physiotherapy is only available to individuals who are under 18 or over 65 years old and /or had a related overnight stay in hospital. Ultimately you must attend a clinic that provides OHIP physiotherapy.

Do you accept MVA patient?

Yes, we treat patients who have claims under auto insurance who was involved in a motor vehicular accident. Please remember to bring your claim number, insurance adjustor contact information and all other related information on your initial assessment session.

Will my insurance cover the cost of my physiotherapy/chiropractic services, and how much does it cover?

Every insurance plan is different. It is your responsibility to call your insurance and find out how much coverage you have or refer to your individual benefit plan.

Can you bill my insurance directly?

We can bill through most insurance companies such as Manulife, Sunlife, Great-West Life, and Green-shield. However, sometimes depending on the type of plan that patients have with any of the mentioned insurances, we might not be able to bill directly, and patients have to claim it themselves to get costs reimbursed.

What should I bring to my first therapy appointment?

  • An ID Card
  • Claim number (if it is an MVA )
  • Bring your insurance information if you want us to bill through them
  • Make sure to bring any doctor referral if you have
  • If you have any X-Ray, MRI, Ultrasound results, make sure to bring them with yourself
  • Comfortable clothing (yoga pants, shorts, t-shirt)
  • Also, if you are using any brace or orthotics, make sure to bring it with yourself

Will you remind me that I have an appointment?

Yes, we will ask for your phone number and email address in your initial assessment to send you a reminder about your appointment.

How many physiotherapy sessions do I need?

The number of appointments needed for a certain condition depends on the severity of your condition and the typical healing process of tissue. Based on your initial assessment, our physiotherapists would be able to provide a better time frame for your recovery process and how many sessions you need to get back to your healthy state condition.

Where can I find you?

We are located on the third floor, unit 310, at 250 Harding Blvd, Wes, Richmond Hill, L4C 9M7
Free parking is available as well.

What should I do before making an appointment for an orthotics or Chiropody assessment?

If you have insurance, you may want to check/call insurance to see if your plan covers it. Insurance will not give us information about your coverage.

It would be best to ask about your chiropody coverage and orthotics coverage since they have separate coverage’s most of the time. If you wish other therapists (physiotherapists) to assess you, you may need a requisition letter from your family physician to be eligible for your orthotics coverage. Please also keep in mind that you do not need a doctor’s referral for Chiropody assessment and orthotics if our Chiropodist did the evaluation.
The next step would be to book an assessment with our Chiropodist/ physiotherapist whether an orthotics is needed or not. If so, we will place an order on the same day. Please be advised that the assessment and orthotics have separate fees listed below.
For most of the insurance, you should have separate coverage for chiropody and orthotics.

  • Initial Chiropody /Orthotic Assessment $100
  • Orthotics – $500

(We require a $200 deposit for orthotics before placing an order. When orthotics arrive, we will inform you and ask you to book an appointment for dispensing orthotics)

Also, please note that there is no direct billing to insurance for chiropody and orthotics unless it is a Green Shield Canada. For the patients covered by other insurance companies, they have to pay upfront and claim themselves. We will provide all documents you need to submit to your insurance on dispensing day.

How can I order a brace, and what should I do?

Brace/Medical Products Process (Insurance Only):

To order a brace, you must call and check with your insurance company to see if your plan covers the product or not. Most of the insurance company requires a doctor’s referral for reimbursement. Then, you have to book an appointment (at no cost) with our Physiotherapists to do the measurement to provide the appropriate brace for you. We offer different types of brace and brands as well (Bauerfeind, Medi Canada, and VQ).
For purchasing, we require a deposit which is half the amount of the brace you decide to buy to place an order. When the product arrives, we will call to let you know and set a pickup date. The remaining balance will have to be paid on the pickup date, and an invoice will be issued for your claim submission.

Also, please note that there is no direct billing to insurance unless it is a Green Shield Canada. For the patients covered by other insurance companies, they have to pay upfront and claim themselves. 


  1. The reception area is limited to 2-3 persons only.
  2. We advise family members to not stay inside the clinic nor wait in the reception area.
  3. We encourage patients are to maintain 2 meters distance from the receptionist while screening.
  4. All unnecessary things that may easily be contaminated and may not be cleaned immediately are cleared out such as, magazines, flyers, leaflets, and plastic cups.
  5. Anything that patients touched after screening like a pen or a paper board will be cleaned right away with disinfectant (Lysol, Genius and Cavi wipes).
  6. There are two separate pen holders, which are labelled as “CLEAN” and “USED.” Strictly put used pens on its proper holder and must be cleaned afterwards.
  7. Foods and drinks are prohibited.
  8. Hand sanitizers are available in different areas. Patients are encouraged to use the ones in front before and after treatment.
  9. We strongly advised patients to have their mask on in the clinic.
  10. Computers, phones and keyboards are being cleaned frequently in between use.


  1. A screening questionnaire is given to patients to fill out when they come in. The questionnaire contains questions about overall health, past travel history, been in contact with suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients. This will be filled out every time patients come in for treatment.
  2. Before and upon booking, patients are required to pass the pre-screening test (same screening questions as the questionnaire).
    1. – By phone – receptionist or a person-in-charge will ask the questions thoroughly and clearly.
    2. – By email – sends a reminder of their appointment with screening questionnaire attached to it.

    Must obtain free of symptoms of any kind to complete the booking process.

    1. Providers and staff must fill out the same screening questionnaire every time they come in for work.
    2. A waiver form is also given to patients to read and understand the possible risks since physical contact is unavoidable during treatment. This must be signed before treatment starts and must be signed once.


    1. Patients are strongly advise to wear a mask when they come for treatment.
    2. Providers and staffs  wear a mask all the time.
    3. Providers and staffs must wash their hands before and after interacting with each patient.
    4. Providers and staff try their best to follow physical distancing as much as possible when engaging with patients.


    1. A maximum of 4 patients are permitted to be treated at the same time. The 2 meters distance must be strongly followed by one bed away.
    2. Each patient has their own pads when needed for treatment.
    3. A paper roll will cover each bed being used.
    4. Pillowcases, towels, and any linens used by each patient will be replaced by a new one before another patient comes in to use it.
    5. Beds, chairs, equipment, and other things that each patient used will be thoroughly disinfected right away by using Lysol, Genius and Cavi wipes before allowing another patient
    6. Providers and assistants are responsible for sanitizing all equipment and beds before letting another patient use it.
    7. Curtains are not used when not needed, if used, need to be sanitized by spraying Lysol on it. It is washed bi-weekly.
    8. Used equipment must be set aside to be sanitize if not possible to clean right away.
    9. Cups for cupping and gel bottles are cleaned by washing and sanitizing using Lysol or Cavi wipes.


    1. Appointments must be made through phone call and email. Walk-in appointments will not be accommodated.
    2. Before booking patients for appointment by phone, receptionist must follow screening procedures. Screening includes, asking about overall health, past travel history, been in contact with suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients.
    3. If patient book by email, receptionist must send a soft copy of the screening questionnaire and make sure that patient is cleared without symptoms.
    4. Finally, before booking, receptionist must advise patient to wear a mask when they come in5