Braces and Splints


Braces and splints can be helpful for acute injuries or chronic conditions to promote the healing process and prevent further injuries. At York-Med Physiotherapy our therapists are trained in recommending and fitting either custom braces or over the shelf braces specific to your condition. We are able to measure and tailor braces for a variety of conditions based on the level of your mobility and the nature of your injury.

We demand high-quality products and for this reason, we only work with high end and research-based companies to make sure you regain your mobility and wellbeing as soon as possible with optimal comfort. After a full and careful assessment our therapists will recommend different braces on the following basis:

  • Nature of your injury and the level of your activities.
  • Reason and goal for using a brace.
  • Functional design for optimal effect and a high level of wearing comfort.
  • Your budget (for people with insurance coverage, we can assist you with preapprovals).

Some of the most common reasons that we use braces or splints are carpal tunnel syndrome, Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow, lower back pain, osteoarthritis in the hip, knee and ankle joint, ACL, MCL and meniscal tears or other injuries to the knee and ankle sprains.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.