Matt Manahan | Personal Trainer / Exercise Nutritionist


Matt Manahan CSEP-CPT, Pn1 | Personal Trainer / Physiotherapist Assistant

Fitness is here to be enjoyed! Working with Matt will not only change you physically, but the experience will change how you view and appreciate the fitness industry in general. Matt provides an easy to follow personalized lifestyle approach providing his clients with not only optimal results but a vast understanding of the new journey they are on. He combines his experience, knowledge and extreme passion to provide his clients long-term quality of life in a way where maintenance is simple and even enjoyable. 

He is determined to provide a positive influence in the way people perceive the fitness industry by targeting your weak points, behaviour patterns, sedentary lifestyle balance, nutrition guidelines, general fitness goals, and sport specific goals. Matt graduated from Niagara College with a Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotions in addition to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP-CPT) in 2009. He was also Level 1 certified in Exercise Nutrition (Pn1) in 2017 which plays a huge role in his clients success.

 Early in his career he was recognized for his vast knowledge and dedication to the industry that he was chosen to run and develop fitness departments for multiple facilities. He also lead in managing the teams of trainers and coaches. Over the years Matt has been able to build a brand his clients can be confident in. He takes pride in providing each client with a high quality service where they will surpass their mental and physical goals through proper education, support, and injury prevention training. 

A successful coach provides their clients with much more than personal training sessions, an entire lifestyle approach providing each client the confidence to succeed. If you are ready for a real lifestyle change, then let’s get to work!

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